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Anime where there are popular gay ships tumblr

In any shounen anime, there are multiple aspects that keep you hooked and wanting more. Put your shipping goggles on, because below is a top ten of the best bishounen pairings in anime! The main goal of Death Note is for Light Yagami to realise that his self-acclaimed God title will result to nothing, as he is a mere human. Of course, what good would this anime be without suspense and without the plot moving forward at a significant pace? L is one of the most loved characters throughout anime in general, and not just limited to Death Note itself.
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Top 30 Cute Anime Couples List

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The Most Popular Ships on AO3, Ranked – The Niche

Now, a lot of these came as surprises to me — apparently, people actually… write fanfiction about straight couples? I will now proceed to rank them all, one by one, often with no understanding of the original canons whatsoever. This one grinds my gears like no other. I mean, first off, Levi is like, thirty, and Eren is fourteen or something. And that would be bad enough, but like.
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Top 10 Best Bishounen Pairings in Anime

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So much angst, so much love. The storyline and chemistry are all there, and while it might have been a ratings risk to make them canon in , it sure as hell isnt now. Dean and Cas could go down as one of the most epic 'star-crossed lovers' storylines to ever be shown on TV, if the CW would just let it happen already! I've gotten a lot of shit from homophobic members of the spn fandom about how I'm delusional for shipping them, or how I'm gross for seeing their love as romantic. Their story literally spans a decade so I can't condense it for this, but I've never felt this strongly for two fictional dudes in love.
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